Havaianas Summer Kit - The 'un-buy-able' Collection !

Have you heard of Pin-Up girls? They are paintings/ photos of girl-next-door type of girls that were taken in their most spontaneous poses! Maybe while eating ice cram or maybe while turning of the pot of boiling water! So who took these girls' quirky spontaneous yet sexy pictures? It was Gil Elvgren, who was an American painter of pin-up girls, advertising and illustration.

So what does this have to do with the Havaianas Summer Kit?

Well, Havaianas has came up with the juicy idea of engraving the artwork of Gil Elvgren's Pin-Up Girls, onto the Summer Kits! So the Havaianas Summer Kit consists of only 20, un-buy-able (not for sale) pairs of flip flops and each pair with a matching design of towel! And the ever awesome The Butterfly Project, managed to grab 2 pairs of this darn-limited collection, to give it away to us! YAY! Bear in mind that among the Havaianas Summer Kit, no one collection or flip flop is the same! Each and every one has a different design! That means, if you win one, Havaianas hand-stitches that particular design just for you and you alone!

Source : The Butterfly Project
I literally NEED this collection because I absolutely love Pin-Up Girls and honestly, if I were a girl that's a bit daring, maybe I want to don a bikini and be one myself! Tee-hee! The way they pose, it's too hot to handle and it makes me argue "HOW CAN A GIRL BE CAUGHT RED-HANDED DOING PERFECTLY NORMAL THINGS BUT BE UTTERLY SEXY AT THE SAME TIME?!"

P/S : Hey Tammy, my size is 8-9 ! I know, I'm a Godzilla =.="

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