[ REVIEW ] Hypersharp Liner by Maybelline

Hey guys! So here I am going to provide all of you with a quick review about a product that I received, the all-new HYPERSHARP LINER by Maybelline!

This time, Maybelline has come up with a Eyeliner that looks (and feels) like a marker pen! (But in a good way!) It has a very, very sharp tip like it claims (kind of like felt tip) and the body of this liner is very sleek and simple, just the way I like it. It is very light and definitely convenient for you to carry it anywhere.

The swipe in the above picture is a little bit thick as I swiped it twice. One swipe of the HyperSharp Liner is a thin line. As you can see, the HyperSharp Liner is not at all waterproof, but if water or rain or tears stream down you eyes, it won't damage. But if you rub it (with water), it will come off very easily. Just rub a few times and it will be all gone. And the best part is, it does not leave any residue! Awesome! This is a huge plus for me as I always try to avoid liners that leave residue or liners that are waterproof, because being half-Indian, the circles around my eyes are dark. And waterproof liners won't do my face any good.
A close-up of the liner. With one swipe, I used the the tip of the liner for the wing tip and the body for the more thick parts of the application.
With/Without HyperSharp Liner look. Excuse my bushy eyebrows. It was a hectic week T_T

Full application
So if you love thin eyeliners, HyperSharp is definitely for you! But if you wish to make thicker application, just swipe a few more times and you're good!

HyperSharp Liner from Maybelline can be obtained from Watsons Drugstore 
for retail price of RM 23.90. 

*Disclaimer : This product is sponsored to me for review purposes.


[ REVIEW ] Chapter 11 : Enchanteur Paris Body Lotions and Serum

Hello everyone! So The Butterfly Project has given to fellow butterflies a chance to review the new and improved Enchanteur Paris' Body Lotions and Serum ! There are 4 types of the lotions and I was pretty excited to try them out! But before that, I want to share with you guys what exactly body lotions are!

According to http://health.howstuffworks.com/ ,

"All moisturizing skin care products have the same goal -- to keep moisture, or water, in the outermost layer of your skin. Lotions and creams do this, but they do so at different levels. Both lotions and creams can be oil-based or water-based. If they're oil-based, that means that they're an emulsion, or mixture, of water into oil. If they're water-based, they're an emulsion of oil into water. Most lotions and creams are water-based, but water-in-oil emulsions are also on the market.
Lotions are low viscosity, which means they're thinner. That's why they usually come in a bottle that you can squeeze or pump. Lotions are also lighter and a little less oily than creams are. For these reasons, people with normal skin probably only need to use lotion to keep their skin moisturized whereas, creams are high viscosity, meaning they're a lot thicker than lotions. Creams usually come in jars, because they're so thick it would be difficult to squeeze them out of bottles or pumps. They typically work well on dry skin because of their extra protection."

And because Enchanteur Paris' Body Lotions are all water-based, in my opinion, they are quite runny as it contains water. And all 4 of them come with pretty bottles with pop-up cap that you have to squeeze to procure the lotion. But the lotion comes out so easily, so you don't have to squeeze that hard. That means a little squirt of the lotion goes a long way. (Save lotion and money!)
So the 4 lotions are:
Triple Whitening Body Lotion
This body lotion is formulated with Sakura Concentrate, Licorice Concentrate and Vitamin B3 that work concurrently to perform 3 whitening actions and even out skin tone. It is infused with the scent of Belle Amour.

Likes : I love the scent! It smells a little rose-y. I never smelled Sakura before so I don't know how to refer it to Sakura. And it doesn't feel sticky at all! 

Dislikes: I don't like it that it is a little too runny. A little to diluted. So it takes some time to absorb into the skin. But this goes to all of the lotions.

This is how much I love this lotion!

Firm & Repair Body Lotion
This body lotion is a nourishing lotion with Micro Collagen and Swiss Edelweiss that improves skin elasticity and repairs damaged skin overnight. It is infused with the scent of Adore which relaxes you as you sleep.

Likes : Of course, the scent! It smells a lot like lavender/musky perfume oh my god I love it! So sexy! I think that's why it's infused in this particular lotion! So you can smell all sexy at night and your husbands/ boyfriends will love it! Lol !

Dislikes : This is also a little too diluted to my liking.

This is how much I love this lotion!

All-in-One Whitening SPF 24++ Body Serum
This lotion is actually a body serum which comprises of SPF 24++, Licorice Concentrate and enriched with Hyaluronic Hydration. 

Likes : I like that this one absorbs into my skin a bit better than the other lotions!

Dislikes: I am so sorry Enchanteur, this serum's scent is quite weird! I do not like it :(

This is how much I love this product!

Light & Fresh Body Lotion
This lotion contains Portulaca Concentrate, Aloe Vera Concentrate and Licorice Concentrate to deeply moisturize and prevents the formation of dark pigment due to UV rays exposure. It is infused with the scent of Mon Amie.

Likes : OMG I LOOOOVEE THIS LOTION!! THE SCENT IS ABSOLUTELY BREATH-TAKING!! Smells like orange and vanilla and everything that's nice!! I hope Febreeze makes a fabric spray that smells like this so my house smells like this all day long!!! GOOD JOB, ENCHANTEUR!

Dislikes : NONE! I don't even care that it's still a little runny like the rest of the lotions, I LOVE ITTTT!

This is how much I love this lotion!

All in all, I am very impressed with all of the lotions. Wait, why am I still talking!!?? I wanna go sniffffffff the Light&Fresh Lotion right nowwww~~~! Bye guys!

Overall Rating: 

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